Rooms and Rates


Su – Th
9050 Rub./per day
10500 Rub./per day
Fr – Sa
9950 Rub./per day
11400 Rub./per day

Total room area 50 sq. m.

Two-room suite. For those who prefer spacious comfort apartments, we offer a choice of 17 one-bedroom suites. Each of the suites consists of a spacious entrance living room and a cozy bedroom.


Su – Th
4850 Rub./per day
6350 Rub./per day
Fr – Sa
5450 Rub./per day
6850 Rub./per day

All rooms are spacious, bright with modern, comfortable and home interiors. 1st and 3rd corps are equipped with a wide lounge with TV and sofas on each floor. So there is a place for large companies. Daily housekeeping and three meals a day change of linen every week can maintain perfect cleanliness in all rooms and recreation complex "FOREST".

VIP villa

from 120 000 Rub./per day

We offer our most demanding guests - Five level villa , 7 bedrooms, a large kitchen , elegant interior hallways. Spanish furniture from solid wood , carpets , paintings . Private swimming pool , sauna , massage , billiards.


28500 Rub./per day

Cozy 2 - storey cottage for the company vacationers (12-16 people). Large hall, kitchen. At the entrance - BBQ .